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INETA Community Achievement Award

The INETA Community Achievement Award is an award given to those who give to the developer community. It is awarded on a annual basis and lasts for twelve months. Members record their numerous contributions to the community or can be nominated for the award. At the end of each year, the top contributors will be selected to receive the INETA Community Achievement Award.

You already do so much. Why not get RECOGNIZED! Examples of eligible activities are:

  • Writing a newsletter article
  • Updating your user group web site
  • Managing meeting logistics
  • Introducing speakers
  • Presenting at a user group meeting
  • Mentoring new presenters

Winners will be announced after the end of every year in the INETA newsletter and on the INETA Website. Each Community Champion will receive a letter of commendation, a certificate of achievement, use of the Community Champion badge and a valuable prize.

*Individuals are only eligible to receive one Community Achievement Award every 12 months.

INETA Lifetime Achievement Award

As we all know, volunteers are the heart of INETA and of our user groups. We all benefit from their passion for technology and their dedication to helping others. People like our officers, newsletter contributors, presenters and all those who pitch in to make the meetings run smoothly. Every person makes a difference ... YOU make a difference.

In recognition of their lifetime achievements, INETA is proud to present our most dedicated leaders with the INETA Lifetime Achievement Award. You know the people that we mean, so we are counting on YOU to start the award process by nominating them for this elite honor. These are the outstanding individuals who, year after year, have gone above and beyond to lay the foundation and provide the structure for building our community and to keep it vibrant and growing. They step up when called upon; they are our leaders and mentors; they inspire us to stretch our horizons; and they help provide us with resources along the way. Read about past recipients and find out more about the award.

*Individuals are only eligible to receive one Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Community Champions Award Program is only open to legal residents of the US who are over the age of 18. Participants cannot be currently serving on the INETA Board of Directors or involved with the administration of the Champions Program. INETA reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation for any reason. All submissions will be property of INETA North America and can be used at the discretion of INETA North America. Activities are subject to verification.
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